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Dear Marketers,

With budgets shrinking and the risk of being marked as spam being very high, people are going to need a way to optimize their email marketing strategy or it's going to be a failure. It could even result in all emails being blocked. And unfortunately, your email marketing platforms like Mailchimp and Constant Contact are not coming to save you. Email marketing tools don’t want you to purge inactive contacts - they’re happy with you paying more and more each month to try and hit an impossible target.

We get it. It’s not in their best interest to shrink your contacts numbers. Less contacts means less money. But we know that more targeted contacts is best not just for you and your business, but for the world. We’re here to help you sweep out the duds from your contact lists.

Plain Sight Ventures

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Does this look familiar?

Campaign stats

You work hard to create valuable, insightful content and then Mailchimp and Constant Contact and every other email marketing tool uses the spray n’ pray method to reach every contact in your database. But the thing is...they’re targeting the wrong contacts.

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Why pay for inactive contacts?


How many inactive contacts are you paying for? It’s estimated that less than 5% of contacts are actually active, which means that 95% of your email marketing spend is being wasted on contacts who will never read your emails and will probably just mark you as spam.

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We can help you reach your champions


By sweeping your contacts and purging inactive recipients, Sweep not only drastically reduces your monthly email marketing spend but also helps you better target very active people aka your champions.

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Plug n’ play

Just connect Sweep with your email marketing tool and it automatically clears out inactive contacts from your database. From there, Sweep optimizes your targeting and gives you more realistic open, click, and target rates.


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Let's Get your email marketing strategy back on track

You’re doing the hard work to provide valuable content to your subscribers and customers. Let Sweep help you reach those active contacts and get rid of the dead weight that’s costing you money.

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How much can you save on email marketing?

You’re paying for inactive contacts that don’t want your emails and never will. See how much you can save with Sweep by targeting your champions.

How many email contacts do you have?

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Sweep can save you


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Plug n' play

Ongoing sweeps

Automatic purges

Increase CTR

Private and secure


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Don’t worry. You’ll still reach the customers that you want to reach. Our sweep purge is built so that only inactive customers more than 6 months will be purged.

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Sweep the duds, keep the studs

Sweep helps you target the right contacts and sweeps away the rest.

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